GP3 General Purpose Cleaner

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GP3 (General Purpose Formula) is designed to penetrate and break up oil, grease, dirt and soil with minimum effort. This special formulation cleans steel, plastic, rubber, tile, chrome, baked enamel objects and even glass!

Designed originally for dashboards, cupholders, and steering wheels. It will not only clean these surfaces but also protect them from cracking due to UV exposure.

10 reviews for GP3 General Purpose Cleaner

  1. Bye, Bye hose, bucket and car soap!

    Fast wax GP 3 General Purpose Cleaner is fantastic. Just spray and wipe off with a microfiber towel. Car comes out gleaming and clean. We have two Jeep Grand Cherokees… 2002 and 2011., and a 2007 Infiniti sedan.They all look great with regular applications of GP3, and the 2011 is often identified as a new car by inquiring friends and neighbors. The 2007 Infiniti, likewise, can pass as a brand new vehicle.

    Highly recommend this excellent, easy to use, and effective product!

    Dr. Lawrence Kramer

  2. My cars look brand new!

    I’ve been using GP-3 General Purpose Cleaner as waterless (spray on, wipe off) car wash for the last several years. Fantastic stuff…spray on, wipe off with a microfiber towel. Beautiful, deep shine on both my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee…. not to mention my 2007 Ininiti sedan. Friends often ask if we purchased a new car, when all I’ve done is apply GP-3 about every 7-10 days! Outstanding lustre; gleaming shine.; easy and quick to apply/wipe off!… looks like I’ve had the cars professionally detailed!
    well worth it!!!!

    Dr. K

  3. Awesome stuff

    Have used this product in the past, and tried to find comparable off the shelf products, NOTHING but Nothing cleans as well or as easily as this product.

    Edward Hensley




  5. Wow

    I love this product. … cleans windows better than anything I have ever used

    Debbie Gerbers

  6. Great product to clean cars in drought conditions

    Here in California we have a 5 year drought and water cutbacks ordered by the State. This product allows us to save water and really clean the car. It even gets hardened clay off the car which happened to me during a road trip in my roadster.

    Sylvan Swartz

  7. fastwax

    Excellent product. Just washed my truck for first time in 3 months without using water.


  8. the best!

    This is hands down the best cleaner for auto interiors that ive ever seen. It’s perfect for modern dashboards that tend to be smooth vs. The older “grainy” dashes. It’s also great for my touchscreen display for removing fingerprints. It’s not greasy and shiny, but rather just simply clean and also has a very non-intrusive but pleasant “clean” fragrance. I use it all the time! I plan on giving some cans to my friends and family so they can see how good it is. Excellent product


  9. New car smell!

    If you want your passengers to ask “is this a new car?”, just periodically wipe down the inside surfaces of your auto with “Fastwax’s” General Purpose Cleaner. Also, want a higher offer on your trade-in? Apply this before getting to the car dealer!


  10. No Water on my Car

    Love quick swipes to clean MiniCooperCountryman…amazing finish looks great!
    Paint looks like new car instead of 6 yrs old; lasts long x



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