FW1 Wash and Wax Lab Tested, Pit Proven.®

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Lab Tested, Pit Proven.®

The original FW1 Waterless Wash and Wax.  Cleans and protects almost anything, in seconds.  FW1 Wash and Wax comes with everything you need to wash and wax your vehicle: FW1 Wash and Wax, one Terry Cloth Cleaning Towel and one Micro Fiber Polishing Cloth. Contains Carnauba Wax.

-6 Pack comes with two sets of towels

-12 Pack (Case) has no towels.

77 reviews for FW1 Wash and Wax Lab Tested, Pit Proven.®

  1. great product

    I have used this product for about 9 years, have never washed my car with soap and water since then, paint looks great and shines really well, no water spots on glass or plastic trim. I use this on every exterior surface except the tires.

    Chuck Beard

  2. FW1 Cleaning Wax Performance

    The stuff is nothing short of amazing…

    I use it on literally everything.

    Kitchen counters, painted surfaces, chrome, plastic, aluminum, you name it (anything short of needing lubrication), it gets used on it.

    Makes for a great Christmas stocking stuffer for the buddies too!

    Robert Baldwin

  3. easy to apply…easier to remove, Bright beautiful luster shine

    Kick ass Waterless wax

    Randy. D.


    I’ve been using Fastwax for over 10 years!!! This product is INCREDIBLE!!…It has kept all of the corvettes spotless…!!!Thanks again for the best cleaner/wax ever!!…

    William Thomsen

  5. Best wax ever!

    We own/operator a school bus and every year we must go thru state police inspection. We have found that fastwax is the best product ever to clean the bus. It lasts for many months looking this good! We won’t use any other product on our bus. Thank you so much!

    Melinda Heck

  6. fast wax

    It is the best fast wax that I have used.


  7. this product is great, everyone should try it

    I was introduced to this product while visiting my parents in Florida a few years ago and have used it ever since. If you own a motorcycle or a classic car you will love this product. I use it on my motorcycle each time it needs to be cleaned and you don’t have to worry about water spots or you bolts and metal parts rusting due to water usage. I would recommend this to everyone, I introduced several of my friends and family members to it and they all agree that it works great.


  8. Top of the line wash and wax product!

    If you truly want to keep a vehicle looking great this is best and easiest way to do so.


  9. Excellent product

    This really works. Gets all the gunk and rust from cars. We use it all the time with cars that had some water damage from overhead leaks.


  10. Does a Great Job

    I’ve been using this product on my motorcycle and am totally pleased with its performance… not the price. It cleans bugs, road dirt, exhaust dirt and everything I’ve tried it on. My bike sparkles after using this. I pack a can in my saddle bag to use on trips. Good stuff!


  11. Great Product

    This is my 2nd case. I gave a lot to my son, son-in-laws, and friends to try. Works great and the shine really lasts. I use it in my 2001 to 2016 vehicles. My black truck looks great and stays looking great even after the rain.

    Curtis Olson

  12. cleans your car with out water!

    Great product!

    Cliff Butcher

  13. Excellent Product

    Love this this wax. easy to use and make my look like showroom finish

    Robert Dunlap

  14. Consistently Great

    Love this product. Use it all the time. Provides the elbow grease so you don’t have to work too hard to get your paint job shiny again.


  15. Excellent

    Love this product, best shine ever and extremely easy to use

    Michael Harrison

  16. How slick!

    Great wax product. Easy to put on and gets great results on a dark colored car. No streaking. I first got the combo pack while on the road and reordered a case of the wax which I use on my personal vehicles as well as my big rig.

    Peggy Harlow

  17. Fantastic Stuff

    I found your fast wax product many years ago from a sales man selling it in the parking lot of a large shopping complex and he did have permission from the store cause he had a large display and did his demonstration right there there all day—————- anyway i bought 3 cans and have been a user ever since. It was way cheaper in those days, but I haven’t found anything that comes close. So I pay.


  18. Easiest Way to ‘wash’ a car!

    I wish I had known about this great car cleaner a long time ago. It was such a struggle to wash and wax, until I found this product. It is so awesome for anything that needs to be washed and kept it a great condition. I use it on our cars, garden carts, lawn furniture, and golf cart.
    It is no longer a struggle but very very easy to keep up all these things.

    DeAnna Little


    This is the easiest to use car wax product I have ever used. Can do the whole car in less than an hour and it lasts a long time. I constantly get compliments on how the car looks. My 06 town car looks like new. Very highly recommend this product. Also makes my boat look great.


  20. I am hard to please

    I really love this car wax because it dries clear on the rubber and in the cracks where most wax leaves a white residue and is so hard to get out even with a toothbrush. I am very particular about my automobile and the waxes I put on it but I will say that this is the best solution I have found to date.


  21. Magic

    This product is truly amazing – wipes away dirt effortlessly and leaves a polished gleam. I use it on my 3 classic Alfa Romeos as well as the family daily drivers. I haven’t needed to wash a car the old fashioned way or gone to a car wash ever since I discovered this product being sold at a gas station many years ago. I kept running out so I was very pleased to find the great deal on the Website – box of 12 cans with free shipping and fast delivery too- Thanks!



    We live in South Texas an it is love bug season here.all I have to do is spray this on my car an wipe off the love bugs… I have tried other products but this one is the best an easiest to use.

    Marietta Stewart

  23. Best auto wash//wax product I’ve ever seen.

    It’s great. If your car isn’t too dirty… just start with the wax. No need to wash first. Easy on and easy off. Great shine. Handy when traveling with my Corvette club and you want to look special all weekend.

    Ernie Westpheling

  24. Works great

    I’ve been using this product for the last 1 1/2 years. The product works great. Cleans and shines.



    I own a BLACK 2007 Super Charged Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. Anyone that owns a black vehicle knows how difficult it is to polish black vehicles to a mirror finish. I have used at least ten different products, but none of them give the results that the FW1 Wash & Wax product provides. Moreover, it is easy to use. Also it does not leave white spots on the plastic and rubber. My grandson likes to look at himself like it was a mirror after it has been polished. He is amazed that he can see himself so clearly.

    Don Russell

  26. best product

    This product cleaning wax is great for taking bugs off the front of vehicle during bug season in south Louisiana
    Kelly Le Blanc


  27. best car wax out there by far.

    Excellent product. Somewhat pricey though. Good product to have in Ca. During times of drought and inconvenient watering schedules. Despite cost well worth it and will continue to buy. Made a great gift to my neighbor and his brand new GT Mustang.


  28. The best!

    It really works and keeps your car clean and real shiny. I do recommend it.

    Silvia Salazar

  29. If you want the best!! it is here

    I have bought this product for years and love it!! It works on my cars,trucks and boat! It is true the product takes off tar, bugs ect with ease!! I suggest buy a can try it and you too will become a believer!!


  30. best truck wax around

    Sam uses this product on his semi. He likes it so much I ordered him 6 cans. He said it keeps the dirt and grime off and it takes the bugs off real nice without scrubbing. Thank you for such a great product. He said he wishes it was in truck stops.

    Mary Ohnesorge

  31. super cool

    thanks guys for the best spray on wax/cleaner .its a no brainer to realize it works the best compared to other spray on waxes. After I get done with the Harley it winks back at me, what more do you want ..?


  32. You Should Hire Me As A Spokesman

    Seriously thought I use this product on my show cars (they are Black) and it makes them look wet even when they are dry..I refer to the product as my secret weapon around my friends and my car never fails to bring home an award…my friends do laugh and say “You just buy that stuff from the dude at the gas station this morning” and I just laugh as I leave the show with another trophy…ordered 4 cans to get me through 2018….


  33. Louisiana Weather Meets It’s Match!

    The “FW1 Waterless Wash and Wax” product leaves a fantastic protective shine. I can’t wait to try this brand’s “Tire Shine.” Thanks FASTWAX, you’ve made detailing my Lexus so much easier!!


  34. Best Wax on the market!

    I use it for waxing my 36 foot RV and wouldn’t consider anything else since I got introduced to it a couple of years ago. Hope it is always available!


  35. Goodstuff

    I use it on everything cars truck motorcycles in the house mirrors shower glass windows helmets. GOODSTUFF !!!!!


  36. Best Car Eax Ever!!

    This wax not only cleans and removes dirt, but also gives one of the deepest shines available. I have been using Carnauba wax products for years, but this shine even beats them out. You combine that with the ease of application of this wax and in my opinion you have a winner.

    Gary McMillion

  37. Best car cleaning product

    This is the best car cleaning product I have ever used. I have two collector cars and this is the only product I will use on them.


  38. The Best

    Does what it says. No water. Clean and wax at the same time. Love this product


  39. FW1

    I have been using this product for about 1 year now, and it is the easiest way I have found in my years of riding a motorcycle to do a quick clean and polish.
    Now that I have started my own business in motorcycle repair I am recommending it to all my customers.


  40. FW! and Tireshine

    This is a great product. I used up my last 4 cans and needed more. I am 70 years old and my wife and get great pleasure in keeping our TRUCKS clean and shiny. Great cleaner and wax as it is very easy for us old people to use. As long as you are selling I am buying. THANKS for a great product!!!! Hard to come by now days.


  41. Fantastic Wax!

    Best product I have ever used. I use it on my RV. Where I store my RV there is no water available so this is the perfect product. I did my entire 35 foot RV in three hours last weekend. Thanks.

    Russ Lowther

  42. I love this wax!

    Waxing my car has never been faster, easier, or produced such excellent results! There is simply no better product on the market.


  43. Wonderful wax

    This is great to make the car shine. I use it to remove the bugs on the grill. Here in Florida we have love bugs that stick all over the car. I spray the wax wait a minute and they come off. It is also good to protect the front.


  44. Product is fantastic. We’ve used it before and we love it.


  45. Great Product

    Easy to use- works great! Can do my whole car in a half hour.

    Adriana DeLong

  46. Great Product

    The FW1 Waterless Wash & Wax is the greatest product for your car care needs! It makes cleaning up a dirty car so convenient! It doesn’t require you to wash your car beforehand. Just spray, rub in on, wait for 30 seconds, wipe and the shine.

    Nancy & Marvin

  47. All it is advertised to be.

    The fastwax product was given to me while on a motorcycle trip to WY by a fellow unknown biker. I was cautious when testing the product on my 2003 Gold Wing because it is mostly a plastic, but beautiful bike. The Fastwax waterless cleaner and wax turned out to be an amazing product that made my Gold Wing shine as a jewel. Who was that biker? Don’t know except to say he turned me on to an excellent product that I recommend to other bikers and car owners alike. I also use this product on my two vehicles, even though they have clear coat finishes.

    George Mercer

  48. best wax ever

    Goes on easy and wipes off easy, and last a long time. Great for removing bugs.


  49. good product. easy to use.

    Easy to use. Fast


  50. Best find ever

    I came across this wax product at a gas station like 10 years ago when a salesperson asked me if they could show me how wonderful this works on my car. Since my car was dirty I said okay. It made my car look dealer showroom new. Had to buy. I have purchased online ever since. I have used it on my stove which made it look brand new after using. Great to use around the house. Also used on my glass patio table. WONDERFUL product! I highly recommend it.


  51. Fantastic

    FW1 saves time in grooming your car.


  52. weird

    Didn’t even scratch the paint as I can see. Just wiped it off and FW1 beads after it rains. How long it last, I don’t know yet! I do recommend the product.


  53. Works like magic

    This is the best cleaning wax I have ever used! It completely cleans off surface dirt and film and then buffs to a great and smooth shine.
    You can clean/wax the whole car at once in much lees time than any other product I have tried, or do what I do and work on a section or two at a time.

    Just be sure to have plenty of clean, dry, soft towels or old t-shirts available.

    I love this product.


  54. Best product to clean your car

    High performance cleaning wax leaves my car shiny and protects the pain. Best car products, I really recommend it.


  55. Last forever, even after several car washes.


    Martin Wuenscher

  56. Does the job.

    Fast Wax is a great product. I can never get my car windows clean and streak free. But with Fast Wax I can.


  57. I can’t tell you how much I like my product for my cars.

    It’s the best product I have ever brought.


  58. Easy

    I had bought this product before through a sales rep at a gas station. I had no trouble finding the website, ordering, paying and receiving my order in a timely fashion. No fuss at all.


  59. wonderful product on my camero

    I love fast wax cleaning wax product. The product does all it states it will do. It leaves my Candy (Camero) shinning. I would recommend the use of this product to friends and family. If you love your car like I do. Just one use and you will be hooked.

    Ginger Rose

  60. Cleaning wax review

    I love the product- leaves my cars, a vintage Grand Marquis and three other everyday vehicles, with a beautiful shine that can easily be kept clean. I have not used water to wash a car in over a year. One suggestion- why have the free towels. I have plenty of towels. Maybe without the towels you could lower the price a little.

    Larry Starr

  61. Great product

    This is a great product everyone out of tried as simple as easy and as fast as in the name fast wax.

    Craig Wilson GUNSON

  62. Great Believer

    This wax is the Best!!! I have used it for years and love the results! It even removes hard to clean bird droppings! The wax protects and gives a nice shine to both windows and Body! Nothing Better!!!!!!!!!!

    Joanne Larens

  63. bugs off

    This stuff really works. It’s amazing. After a trip from Texas to Arkansas, it took the bugs off like nothing I’ve used before. ( the bugs in Texas really are bigger, I swear )


  64. the best finish ever.

    It is easy to use, clean finish just what i am looking for.


  65. Excellent product, with a small ‘but’…

    Love the cleaning wax. I just placed my second re-order. Love the cleaning cloths too. They are part of the “great” I just mentioned…but…
    I would like the option of buying, or not buying the cloths, and paying a little less for the product. As good as the cloths are, I don’t need new ones as often as I run out of the cleaner itself.


  66. it is awesome I love it

    I will always use this product it is just super never used anything like it before.


  67. A Bit Pricey – but Great Product

    I also bought my first supply from a vendor at a gas station. It works great! I just ordered and received two more cans. I like to use it on our vehicles, cleans body and windows, and it works great on the grill also.


  68. I was skeptical, but not anymore

    Like John (#6 below) I bought the cleaning wax from a vendor at a gas station, to help him with his sales goals. I didn’t expect much, but I began using it on my motorcycle. I have to admit, six months later I am very pleased. It really does the job, and without water. It cleans great and makes my bike shine like new, really. I just ordered my first new can since making the original purchase, and I have every intention of using it from now on with all my vehicles.


  69. Its the greatest

    I know it is expensive,but it is worth every dollar, I will be back for sure!
    Thank You

    Peter T Gruber

  70. great product

    I have found that the cleaning wax is easy to apply and remove, leaving a nice shine.


  71. Good product. As a senior citizens it allows me the flexibility to clean and wax the car myself…a panel at a time! However, I ordered four cans of the Cleaning Wax w/Towels and only received two towels. This was a little disappointing since I wanted to give them for gifts not to mention that I paid a higher price for each can to get the towels. Buyer beware.


  72. Product works just has it said have used it before.


  73. I ordered this product for my husband for Christmas. He had an old can that his friend gave him and he had used it up. He went on and on about what a great product it was for the car. So I know he will love it.

    Anne Tulloch

  74. I’ve used Fastwax for a couple of years now – I was very skeptical at first. I first bought it at a gas station where a couple of young people were demonstrating it. Tried it and have to say it really does a great job! It’s very easy to use and has great results. Have purchased additional cans for myself as well as gifts. I’ve only tried the wax – but not the other products yet. Any great (and fast) customer service – when I recently had a question, the got right back to me with an answer. (I don’t really recommend it for your windshield – even though they say it is fine to use – it wasn’t a good experience for me – but maybe I didn’t apply it properly…)
    I still fully recommend the wax for your car/vehicle.


  75. I’ve been using this product for over 8 years. We suffer from “love bugs” here in the South, sometimes twice a year. These bugs are little black creatures that stick to your car like glue. This product removes them instantly. I always carry a can in my trunk so I don’t have to look for it. It’s pricey, but the can lasts a long time.


  76. I bought some of RGS Labs’ FastWax a few years ago and was really impressed. A young lady was selling some at a filling station, the price was right, so I tried it. It really does work as easily as they say, and the results are great!

    When I ran out, I decided to buy more. The price had gone up, but I figured it was worth it, anyway. I did, however, mention the rate increase, and they were nice enough to add a bonus to the order. [No promises that they’ll do the same for you.] But the wax arrived in two days, and I was really happy to do an easy, excellent, swirl-free wax job on my Phantom Black Triumph motorcycle.

    I really appreciate the quality of the product and the excellent customer service received.

    Mel MacKaron

  77. I am a senior citizen over 70+ and a couple of years ago I purchased this product at a cheaper rate. First purchased it at the Belle Haven Shell Station off Belle Haven Road, Alexandria, VA.
    There was a promotion being done on this product FW1 and the young man showed me how to use it and so I bought 2 cans for $25.00. I tried it out and was amazed that I being a 5′ 7″ skinny lady with many health issues did not have a lot of trouble applying the car wash/wax and was able to shine it up well too. Many of my friends who saw my car Toyota Corolla LE 2006 could not believe I did this car myself. I have been telling men and women about this product and a few men did go online and buy the product. One man really loves this product and I gave him him one of my cans to try out. He is married and does 3 cars with this product and cannot get over how well it actually removes the dirt and grim from the car and leaves it with a wonderful glow–shines nicely too.

    Now I am 75 and want to order another 6 cans for myself. This is the only product I can purchase that allows me to do my car myself and I do not have to take it to a car wash at all. Only after winter has passed do I take my car to a car wash because of the salt and sand under the vehicle; but I do my own wash and wax at home usually after I get out of the car wash. Sparkle”s car wash never gets the dirt off my car even through their car wash station.
    I have to come home and do the FW1 to remove the dirt and grim as this car wash doesn’t.
    I feel like I am paying twice to get my car looking clean. If anyone has never used this product, they should give it a try as it is worth its weight in GOLD! I love the stuff! MR

    Marge Rusnak, Alexandria,VA 22307


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