Nuts Off!


Water Displacing Rust Preventive, Lubricant, and Penetrating Powerhouse

Nuts off is a blend of premium industrial compounds designed for use as a rust preventive, lubricant, and penetrant. Nuts Off combines corrosion inhibitors, lubricant additives and penetrating fluids specifically selected to satisfy the most demanding tasks. Originally formulated for factories, power plants, railroads and industry, Nuts Off is now available in quality retail outlets and online retailers around the globe. VOC compliant in all 50 US states.

Nuts Off exhibits the following properties when applied to various substrates.
1. It forms a protective, non-staining film for indoor and outdoor applications to prevent rust and contamination.
2. Protects metal surfaces by forming oxidation preventive layer.
3. Exhibits excellent moisture displacing properties as demoisterant on metal, electrical and ignition systems.
4. Provides outstanding boundary lubrication.
5. Non-offensive odor.
6. Rust destroying additives loosens stubborn nuts & bolts much quicker than competitive products.


1. Outperforms the leading commercial benchmark in preventing rust on steel in humidity chamber testing by inhibiting rust bloom longer than the leading product.
2. Outperformed the leading commercial benchmark in preventing rusting on steel panels due to salt fog contact by inhibiting rust bloom 8 times longer than the leading product.
3. Outperformed 4 leading penetrant spray products and tested 14.3% more efficient in vertical spreading on steel than the leading spray penetrating lubricant and corrosion inhibitor.
4. Outperformed the leading commercial benchmark spray lubricant in boundary lubricity testing by 17.7% and was 23.5% better than 100 SUS oil measured in tapping torque testing.
5. Outperformed the leading spray penetrating lubricant in vertical iron oxide (rust) penetrating and wetting testing by almost 2 times the distance penetrated than the leading product.

Performance Data

1. Rust protection: Humidity Cabinet:
Standard ASTM D-1748 using polished panels at 120F / 49C and 100% relative humidity.

2. Polystyrene Cup Dissolve:
Dissolved standard polystyrene cup 26 seconds faster than competitive product boasting performance in this test.

Summary: Consumers now have access to the same product that has been satisfying industrial companies for several decades. NOW, GO GET YOUR NUTS OFF!